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General Information

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Monthly Cafeteria Menu can be found under Latest News on the home page of the website.

All students, whether receiving free, reduced, or full pay meals, must have and remember their assigned cafeteria number. At the start of each new school year, students who have previously received free or reduced meals will have two weeks to eat under last year's application. They must reapply yearly. Applications will be given out by homeroom teachers and MUST be returned to the school within two weeks. If this is not done in this time frame, students will be required to pay for their meals.

Click here for link to Free and Reduced Price School Meals Family Application.

All students must receive a lunch number in order to be served food. Parents may write a check or use the PAYPAM link below to pay for their student's lunch monthly if they desire. NO CHARGING IS ALLOWED IN THE CAFETERIA.

The school cafeteria opens each morning for breakfast from approximately 7:05 a.m. until the bell rings to report to first period at 7:25 a.m.

Parents are encouraged to come and have lunch with their child.

All students should dispose of their trays properly and help keep the cafeteria clean.