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Crane, Alex Principal
Dial , Stephanie Assistant Principal
Hattenstein, James Assistant Principal

Allen, Tanya 5th Grade
Ardis, Danya 5th Grade & Gifted Education
Barnett, Hannah 6th Grade Math/Algebra 1
Billingsley, Sabrina Nurse
Breland, Christie 6th-8th Grade Chorus
Brown, Amanda Media Specialist
Burgess, Larry 6th-8th Grade Art
Campitelli, Jennifer Hearing Impaired Educator
Claunch, Michael 6th Grade Social Studies
Crane, Alex Principal
Davis, Amy Spanish
Denmark, Jacqueline 5th-6th Grade Counselor
Grow, Alexandria 8th Grade SPED
Harmening, Stacy 8th Grade Social Studies
Havard, Terri Special Education
Henderson, Jennifer 5th Grade
Holmes, Kimberly Special Education
Huff, Heather 7th Grade Language Arts
Hughes, Donna Instructional Partner
Johnson, Carey 8th Grade Language Arts
Kirkland, Aaron 6th & 7th Grade Science
Lewis, Natalie 6th Grade Reading
Lomax, Hannah Speech Language Pathologist
Massey, Carrie 6th grade Language Arts
Mayfield, Cindy 7th and 8th Grade Math
McDaniel, Barbara 8th Grade Science
Meacham, Kaysie 6th Grade Science/Reading
Middleton, Leslie MS Band Director
Morris, Brooke 5th Grade
Nelson, Allison 5th Grade
Nelson, Antonio Physical Education
Nitteberg, Carmon Language Arts/Tech Ed
Patterson, Kim 7th-8th Grade Family and Consumer Science
Pierce, Jarod 7th-8th Grade Language Arts
Powe, Titus 5th - 8th Grade Physical Education
Pugh, Erin Special Education
Rascoe, Andrea 6th Grade Mathematics
Rice, Melissa Special Education
Rivers, Ashley 5th Grade
Rowland, Jennifer 5th Grade
Simmons, Lindsey ESL Resource Teacher
Smith, Lyla 7th-8th Grade Counselor
Springer, Nancy 8th Grade Mathematics
Stevison, Terri 6th-8th Grade Reading
Sweeney, Kathy 5th Grade
Sweet, Mary Special Education
Thomas, Monica Paraprofessional
Travis, Charles 8th Grade Computer Education
Washburn, Valerie 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies
Wells, Bridget 6th-8th Grade Science
White, Chasity 7th Grade Science
Wright, Thomas 6th-7th Grade Social Studies
Yancey, MacKenzie 7th Grade Pre-AP Mathematics

Blanchard, Shea ISS
Byrd, Jodie Special Educational Paraprofesional
Lundy, Sandra Special Education Paraprofessional
Miller, Kim Secretary
Simmons, Coley Special Educational Paraprofesional
Stacey, Toni Bookkeeper
Thomas, Monica Paraprofessional
Ulmer, Michelle Media Center
Wilson, Bea Registrar

Webmaster, Webmaster