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Science Fair Winners 2017
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Friday, January 27, 2017
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6th Grade

1st Place:  Cloud in a Bottle by Claire Dodson

2nd Place:  Are Your Bulbs Efficient by Tanner Mears

3rd Place:  Does Traction Improve the Distance Traveled by a Mousetrap Car by Samantha Vanderbeck

Honorable Mention:  Kickin’ It by Hayden Fulton

Kids Choice Award:  Milk to Stone by Grayson Cole


7th Grade

1st Place:  Inferno by Dominic McFarland

2nd Place:  Proteins vs. Enzymes by Payton Stacey

3rd Place:  Saved By the Light by Tyler Grondin

TIE for Honorable Mention between:

The Effect of Heat on Weed Seed Germination by Dylan Peters 


Hydroponics vs. Soil by  Nathaniel Dean

Kids Choice Award:  Football Launcher by Cody Coaker


8th Grade

1st Place:  Piezo Bike by Neer Patel

2nd Place:  Can Your Music Take the Heat by Jessica McLeod

TIE for 3rd Place:    

It’s Getting Hot in Here by Gideon Andrews and

Just Chillin’ by Sarah Campetilli

Honorable Mention:  The “Hole” Truth by Joseph VanLoock

Kids Choice Award: 

If Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Battery by:   Ryan Roberson

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